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About Mexican Boots

Mexican boots and botines (half boots) are popular throughout Northern America. They are often high quality but considerably cheaper than their American counterparts. Today, Mexican boots can be found in nearly every popular style. Western wear and the vaquero look is popular throughout much of the U.S. and Mexico. But a western look is only the tip of the iceberg as you can find Mexican boots in biker, work wear, hiking, formal wear, and more.

In addition, Mexican boots are well known for their selection of boots with exotic leathers like caiman, crocodile, ostrich, water snake, lizard, and eel. Mexico is a central point of boot design, production, and manufacturing because of the rich vaquero history through the country of Mexico.

Mexican Boots History

Cowboy boots are often associated with US culture and the Wild West. The boots were originally of Mexican origin, relating to the traditional outfit of the Mexican vaquero (cowboy). It was introduced and became part of American culture during the occupation of the formerly Mexican territories. The decorative part of the boot is from the traditional charro-suite, the often richly embroidered outfit of rancheros and hacenderos.

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Top Mexican Boot Brands

El General
Tony Lama
Radical Boots
Botas Cuevas
Botines Cuevas
Dan Post
Western Chief
Old Gringo
Los Altos

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Mexican Boots Tip

Mexican Boots come in a huge variety of styles and materials

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